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together we’re strong

measure of health and well-being

As biodiversity in nature, diversity in society is a measure of the organism’s health and well being. If nature is the lymph of our growth, inclusion is the magnetic field which gives us form.

Inclusion is fundamental to our existence here at la Luna. There are many reasons to feel excluded: depending on how the community defines itself, one can feel abnormal because a stranger, but also because elderly, because a child or a woman, because Muslim, or left-handed or a stutterer.

Here in situ we have two permanent projects which fundamentally inform who we are: “AcHcademy”, an INCLUSIVE THEATRICAL WORKSHOP creating SPECIAL EVENTS to celebrate diversity, plus our newest creation— “Orthia”.

The ORTHIA project explores the rich relationship between social and natural biodiversity. ORTHIA is a garden where people of mixed abilities can transform the earth, and let the earth transform them; a place to care for animals, donkeys and goats and chickens. But it’s also a grove in which to explore the world of the senses, the smell and feel and sounds of nature. It’s also an open-air studio, a place to paint with plant-based colors, to compose poetry in harmony with the wind. It’s a place of inclusion, included in a circle of animal, vegetable and mineral friends.

An ethical and poetic guide

From the start here at ‘la Luna’, our relations with those with disabilities has served as poetic and ethical guide, besides generating many SPECIAL SHOWS.

The freedom and spontaneity of who is outside the norm is still today the mirror which shows us, not who we are, but who we may become. Onstage at ‘la Luna’, it’s normal that “disability” becomes special talent. (In fact we distinguish between person “with disability” and actor “differently abled.”)

The theme of inclusion embraces not just our work with persons with disability (in Puglia, as well as in Italy and beyond), but also TRAINING SEMINARS in inclusive theater practice, and inclusive work in schools

Here in situ we conduct a PERMANENT INCLUSIVE WORKSHOP “acHcademy”, and offer INCLUSIVE HOSPITALITY, in the region we create SPECIAL EVENTS to celebrate diversity.

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