The spaces

from olive press to stable

Working on the site of a traditional farm, we offer today a wide range of situations to soothe and stimulate body, spirit and imagination.

The space is organized in single as well as family rooms: here one can enjoy traditional styles — flagstones and 19th century constructions — as well as modern construction.

We are surrounded by nature: tended gardens of medicinal herbs and local flowers, vegetables, as well as hideaways left to nature, the woods, the stone labyrinth are ready for exploration, alone or in company.

Who comes here for artistic practice or discipline of the spirit will find places ready to support creation: the ample studio space, the shaded outdoor dance stage offer ample place for movement, as do the amphitheater, the pond and the sensorial grove, sources of inspiration – here the natural world meets the interior landscape.

The rooms

The space is organized in single as well as family rooms: here one can enjoy traditional styles — flagstones and 19th century constructions — as well as modern construction.

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Helen Keller garden

This splendid meditative garden is inhabited by numerous healing and
decorative plants, as well as an organic vegetable garden, and a small “vivaio” of indigenous plants.
It is a place of beauty and peace for visitors… soothing balm for the eyes and
for the spirit.

Sensorial grove

This is an enchanted grove, where you can take off your shoes and close your eyes to explore magical terrain, or make a giant marionette dance, with eyes closed smell the floating perfume faucets, play the giant memory game,
or visit the room built of poetry.


A focus for contemplation and silence, this big circle (20 meters diameter) is made of local stones which describe in a rudimentary fashion a classical Cretan labyrinth. (Check it out on Google map!).
It is a place to get lost, in order to better find yourself. A walk there at dawn could change your life.

Dance stage

At the airiest point, we find the dance stage, 10 x 20 meters, with a retractable sun shade. Who dances on this raft of wood is surrounded by trees, not walls. The dragonflies love to dance along, mistaking the undulations of shadow for water.


Situated in a shady declivity, our amphitheater has a capacity of 200 spectators. A continually evolving work of landscape art made of stone, wood and iron, it is surrounded by trees which guard the stage. Hamlet says art must “hold a glass to nature…” Ours is a space where nature finds herself, under the frank Mediterranean sky.


The rehearsal studio, 100 square meters, is the perfect place for more delicate work. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer, it hosts yoga, theater, dance and music, as well as performative monologues and puppet work.


Of course we cannot live on bread alone, bit we also can’t live well without it.
The restaurant is the perfect place, when it’s too cold or too hot outside, for enjoying company over a warm meal and a good glass of wine, maybe after a hard day of clowning, or a shiatsu massage, or a dance workshop. The wooden ceiling, tables and chairs suggest the traditional Italian inn, where you can sooth stomach and spirit.


Surrounded by trees which suggest Constable, the pond is home to numberless goldfish, salamanders, and many water lilies. The pond begins to resound to the lovesongs of frogs and toads on Valentine’s Day (seriously!) A propos love, human meetings at la Luna have resulted in 5 marriages, that we know of.


Beside the sensorial woods there is a magic land where human and natural diversity meet. It consists of a great garden where you can roll up your sleeves and and get gardening, pet a donkey and feed a goat, but where you can also write a poem or paint a picture, together with new and old friends…

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