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“Like many children, I had a hero, SUPERMAN, and I was convinced that I, too, could fly!
In my dreams, I saw my life from above, irrefutable proof of my SUPERPOWERS! But in
real life I remained inexplicably EARTHBOUND!?!
Like the young Clark Kent, I felt tensely stretched between heaven and earth. Fortunately,
Theater gave me a means to confront this, my youthful DRAMA!”

Between the joys and anxieties of an American childhood in the 1960’s, fed by images from DC Comics, Robert McNeer tells us a story which breathes the visionary, “can-do” air of those times, when the future was just a dream-come-true away.

Superman & Me is part of the Milwaukee saga, which includes Wozamerica , e The
Dinosaur in the Basement.

By and with: Robert McNeer
Genre: Narrative theater
Duration: 55 minutes
Age suggested: from 10 y.o.
Venues: theatre, schoolroom
Language: italian, english or mixed

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