Summer Festival

A magical circle

From 2002 La Luna has produced a summer Festival, which has grown with us in these decades. First it was a local event, thanks to which some artist friends enjoyed a magic circle made up of some local folk, curious to see what these foreign artists were up to in the Puglian countryside.

In 2003, we built a stone amphitheater, and “Teatri di Terra” was born.

We have remained true to the idea of repaying the wonderful hospitality we received on our first arrival here, as tourists, in the early ‘80s, but rather than offering a ‘new theater”, we want to return to something very ancient, when theater reflected a human community in nature, sung and danced on a stone circle under the Mediterranean sky.

full moon

Our festival was born under the full moon, which rises in midsummer over the stone stage of our amphitheater.
Countless artists, local and international, have passed through: clowns and dancers as well as storytellers, acrobats and actors and sculptors of poetry.
Many changes in the intervening years: now our summer season passes under the simple title: “Luna nel Pozzo Summer Festival”, an event which every summer attracts thousands of friends and tourists.


With funding from Regione Puglia under the “2020 Extraordinary Programme for Culture and Performing Arts – Refinancing of Activities 2021”, amounting to 17,193.76

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