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How to explain Lunar Clowning?

By definition, the clown escapes definitions, because she inhabits two worlds: the material world, lit by the audience’s gaze, and the more ephemeral one of her own imagination.
The clown’s special presence is born of the tensions between these two worlds.

Here at La Luna, the audience’s gaze offers “unconditional positive regard”: living and playing together in the lap of nature, our gaze gravitates towards beauty, reflecting the astounding colors of the sunset, the calm of the stone labirinth.

Here the daylight itself invites the clown to dance, accompanied by the wind in the leaves, while the racing clouds open the imagination to ever-widening vistas.

Inclusion, always

Ma qui il gioco del clown è anche influenzato dal nostro lavoro decennale con gli attori diversamente abili.

But our play here is also influenced by decades of work with differently abled actors, always participant in our clown workshops, masters of a simple stage presence which shows their clowns to be literally a force of nature.

These are the elements which make our LUNAR CLOWNING unique: the empathetic gaze of friends, HOSPITALITY IN NATURE, and a strong tradition of INCLUSION.

It’s all easier to experience, than it is to explain.

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