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In long-ago 1981, on bicycles, Pia and Robert encountered for the first time an enchanted corner of Magna Grecia called “Puglia”.
Here they experienced the mythical “Mediterranean Hospitality”: everywhere doors opening, people smiling, incomprehensible dialects and unforgettable food, jokes and laughter and theater of misunderstandings. (POTHÌLATO MON’AMOUR)

At the time we didn’t imagine we would be back in a few years, not to visit but to live.
Now, we have taken the opportunity to give thanks for the welcome we received long ago, joining Natascia and Alessandro to create a poetry of hospitality.

body, spirit and imagination

Working on the site of a traditional farm, we offer today a wide range of situations to soothe and stimulate body, spirit and imagination.

The space is organized in single as well as family rooms: here one can enjoy traditional styles — flagstones and 19th century constructions — as well as modern construction.

We are surrounded by nature: tended gardens of medicinal herbs and local flowers, vegetables, as well as hideaways left to nature, the woods, the stone labyrinth are ready for exploration, alone or in company.

Who comes here for artistic practice or discipline of the spirit will find places ready to support creation: the ample studio space, the shaded outdoor dance stage offer ample place for movement, as do the amphitheater, the pond and the sensorial grove, sources of inspiration – here the natural world meets the interior landscape.

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To view the gallery of Tea Primiterra’s beautiful photos and a brief description of the spaces which make up La Luna, continuously sculpted by time and nature.

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La Luna offers a warm welcome to child-explorers, to artists of all natures, to the meek and the boisterous alike: to anyone curious to try another way of being together, anyone happy to celebrate without formalities their own rituals, and to encounter the traditions of others…

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