La Luna is

who we are and why

La Luna nel Pozzo (the “Moon in the Well”) :

this is the name we chose for the cultural center we founded here in 1998. In the years since, “La Luna nel Pozzo” has also become shorthand for a certain manner of responding to the world.

In the words of psychologist Carl Rogers:

People are just as wonderful as sunsets if I let them be. 

When I look at a sunset, I don’t find myself saying,
“Soften the orange a bit on the right hand corner.”

I don’t try to control a sunset. I watch with awe as it unfolds.”

Carl Rogers


The best guide:

Here at “La Luna” we believe that nature is the best guide for navigating the human world, because the natural and the human worlds are inextricably interdependent.

Through biodiversity, nature instructs us to act in an inclusive manner, without judgement. In this way, collaboration is naturally more convincing than tyranny.

Our exploration of this interaction between the human and natural worlds is today based on three pillars:

The Venue

situated in the countryside of Puglia, Italy: a natural landscape of breathtaking beauty. This natural beauty is the lymph of our work, as well as the bait which attracts groups who come for HOSPITALITY IN NATURE.

the ON-SITE activities

events guided by the Luna TEAM, both regulars and temporary collaborators, here in situ.

Actions in the WORLD

those executed by the Luna TEAM outside of this physical space, always guided by the “Luna” philosophy.

The Venue

For many of our friends around the world, “La Luna nel Pozzo” evokes the terrestrial paradise where they have followed, or led, workshops. (link HOSPITALITY IN NATURE).

Situated on the plateau above the sea near the town of Ostuni, Italy, la Luna offers a vast and various choice of stimulating ambients: a stone amphitheater which hosts different FESTIVALS and events;
an indoor rehearsal and training space for practicing yoga, dance and movement;
an outdoor dance stage/greenhouse, protected from the mediterranean sun.
Hidden in the olive groves is a big stone Labyrinth, while the forest (5000 trees planted by us a decade ago) hosts a sensory park.
For who loves plants, there’s the Helen Keller garden, full of medicinal herbs and flowers, besides the vegetable garden and the fruit trees.
Children will get to know not just the playground, but the many animals: three donkeys, ducks and chickens, goats, dogs and cats.


“La Luna” really comes into its own when we present our own activities here in this magical venue.
The SUMMER FESTIVAL and the WINTER SEASON are just two of the annual events which are in everyone’s calendar.
We offer different LUNAR CLOWNING residential workshops. Practicing clowning in nature is a unique experience for beginners as well as for advanced clowns.

The ORTHIA project brings our love for social and natural biodiversity together, creating a world-within-a-world where people can explore the wisdom of the sensorial through gardening and the care of animals, discover the joy of creation through painting and the composition of poetry, communing with nature together with humans of all ages and descriptions in a protected and joyful environment.

The warmer seasons see THEATRICAL OUTINGS here, bringing schools as well as families, where young and old can discover the joys of theater in nature.

Not to forget the ‘Lunar acHcademy’, our perennial INCLUSIVE THEATER workshop, fruit of our years-long collaboration with the “Gabbiano” association of Ostuni, as well as the joyous annual visit of the German Inclusive Eins und Alles  project, and our continuing relations with numerous Arts and Disability projects in southern Italy.


Over the years, our actions in the world have expanded, following the cultural and artistic topography which we explore.
At the moment our major work in the wider world involves FORMATION, including CLOWN and THEATER workshops, as well as our own SHOWS, presented in various parts of Italy, and ad hoc EVENTS, in particular regarding INCLUSIVE THEATER collaborations in Italy and beyond.

Look for our AudioVideos (link ARTICOLI?), a light and humorous glance at our momentary reflections.

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