here, in nature

Letting go

In 1998, after 13 kaleidoscopic years with Teatro Kismet, touring in Italy and beyond, Pia and Robert decided to drop everything and found La Luna nel Pozzo in the countryside near Ostuni, in order to practice theater in nature.

From that long ago December, and with a series of extraordinary collaborators, we are still exploring our response to the question:


What does that mean, theater in nature?

More than two decades later, we can say that theater in nature means humility and gratitude, collaborating with forces much greater than human, as are the winds and the lightening here, as are the limestone and red earth, bone and blood of this magnificent countryside.

Our theater wants to harmonize with these forces.

Human Nature

But “nature” includes human nature as well: the exuberance of the children who discover that they can make houses of branches and leaves in our forest, and no one tells them not to get dirty (LINK); the joy of our differently abled actors, dancing on the threshing floor at sunset (INCLUSION).

It means the vital anarchy of the CLOWN, running through the trees with a wooden sword, sure he will find a dragon somewhere, maybe even a princess…

Open ears

And theater in nature also means listening, cultivating the silence which reveals the trill of the toads’ song at midnight, cultivating the breath which is transported by the giddy perfume of gorse. (SENSORY PARK)

We also discovered that our theater doesn’t start at 9 pm, to end at 10.15, that our theater doesn’t play itself out on tour.
Our theater is saturated in mediterranean HOSPITALITY, made more of welcome, than of eat and run. Here at la Luna, theater is made more of listening, than of talking.

It’s not by chance, that our amphitheater is in the shape of an ear…

Doing theater in Nature means…

It means listen, observe nature, let yourself be transported by her cycles, her meandering ways, full of switchbacks and surprises.

The first show we created here was “Ouroboros, or What happened behind the stars?” inspired by our scrutiny of the deep night sky stretched over this countryside.

Ovid called us almost immediately. When she was 4, our daughter said: “I talked to the lord before you were born. I said ‘Let that one be born, I can use him as a daddy.” That’s when I started writing “Kisakisaró [WhoKnowsWhoI’llBe]: big questions for little spectators”, a show based on Ovid’s “Metamorphosis”, imagining reincarnation from a child’s perspective.

Homer’s “Odyssey” came naturally, as did Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

Nature’s lessons can be comical as well: here we’ve discovered the vegetal clown. Our Heroes up in Smoke” explored the hero’s journey with a red nose. 


This is a rocky landscape: the earth is red like blood, and for the same reason – iron.
If we thought that nature would be a decorative frame for our theater work, the first storms taught us otherwise: iron draws the lightning which knocked out our electric system, more than once.

Here we’ve learned that nature is not backdrop, but protagonist, in our theatrical voyage.

So, rather than showing the spectator something new, we try to help our guests to sense the beauty which already surrounds them, when they immerse themselves in nature.

More than 15 years ago, we planted 5000 trees, which have only now become a poetical-sensorial setting.

Theater in nature teaches patience…

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