mon amour

Once upon a time, Pia and Robert rolled into uncharted territory: Magna Grecia. It was
1981. They were on bicycles.

Often exhausted and always hungry, they pedaled through Puglia, Calabria, Sicily and
Greece, enchanted by the mythical “Mediterranean Hospitality”: everywhere doors opening, people smiling, incomprehensible dialects and unforgettable
food, jokes and laughter and theater of misunderstandings.

In Crete, they learned a new word: “Pothilato, bicycle.”

POTHÌLATO MON AMOUR is a road movie, but without the movie, and slower.
Slow, because bicycles are slow. Slow, because there were no cell phones then, only
Fermo Posta: if you were lucky, there might be a letter waiting for you at the main post
office, with news from last month. Or the month before…
Slow, because sometimes love is slow.

POTHÌLATO MON AMOUR is a love story: the love between two young people, American and Swiss, on bicycles in a strange land, and that couple’s growing love for the land that welcomed them….

Forty years on, they’ve created a bemused ode to that long-ago land, a theatrical banquet
of food and memory: POTHÌLATO MON AMOUR.

Buon appetito…

By and with: Pia Wachter e Robert McNeer
live music: Gianluigi Strafella
genre: dinner theater
duration: more of 2h dinner included
age suggested: from 12 y.o.
venues: aula, atrio o piazzetta
language: italian

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