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a constant research

Over the years, our research into theatrical inclusion has led us to participate in various national and international projects.

We remember the “InConTra” project, financed by the Italian Ministry of Youth, which created and sustained a local theatrical community made up of people with cognitive disabilities, their families, and unemployed young people.

“Incontra” was an inclusive theatrical workshop, which saw the creation of a theatrical piece, “Biutifool”, which toured Puglia— great fun, and a big step towards autonomy.


For years we have pursued an inclusive theatrical project with “Eins und Alles”, near Stuttgart, Germany.

This project has created several international theatrical coproductions performed there with Italian and German actors, as well as inclusive residential theatrical workshops here at la Luna with German actors.

Out of theater

But besides the creation of shows, our research has taken us out of the theater and into the streets, so that a bigger audience can savor  our joyous clown improvisations, as spectators, and also as actors!

With our “Clown Down” events, we have surprised and delighted many in our territory.

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