in the Dark

This production, in the Italian language, presents the story of Helen Keller, a complex
genius, whose life stretched from the American Gilded Age to the conflict in Vietnam.

One of the most beloved and misunderstood figures in XXth century America, she expressed in poetic and limpid prose her amazing capacity to perceive the world, bereft of vision and hearing.

She also struggled to make her voice heard in denouncing the injustice which surrounded
her, frustrated by society’s deafness and blindness to vital social issues.

To tell her remarkable story, we have invented a new theatrical vocabulary: AudioTheater, in which the audience enters Helen Keller’s world aurally, attended to by guardian angels.

Text: Robert McNeer, Alessandro Lucci
Direction: Robert McNeer
Audio design: Gianluigi Strafella
Original songs: Elaisa Sardella e Nico Tedesco
Voices: Natascia Fogu, Pia Wachter, Alessandro Lucci, Robert McNeer and others
Genre: audio theater (to listen with headphones)
Duration: 110 minutes including a 10 minute break
Age: from 16 y.o.
Lingua: italian

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