(the island)

where plastic lives

In this show we decided to take on an uncomfortable theme of our times: garbage is suffocating our land, our air, our water…

Sea, sky and plastic are the protagonists in a modern narrative which seems invented, and yet is a true story. This is the story of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a huge island made of trash, floating in the Pacific Ocean.

The voice of a little girl narrates the voyage of a plastic bag, pushed by the wind to this great plastic island, where it encounters objects which take on life, with the aid of two
actrice-pupeteers and a musician.

Everything in this show– the characters, landscapes and musical instruments– is composed of the objects which fill our beaches, our trash bags, our daily lives: bottle tops, plastic bottles, bins and cartons… in this show, the child-spectator becomes an active explorer , discovering a strange island and the creatures which inhabit it in a wave of emotions: amusement, wonder and fear all contribute to give life to the images.

This is a voyage made of transformations, sounds, lights, colors and fantasy, much fantasy…

Produced by: La Luna nel Pozzo in collaboration with Burambò and Casarmonica
By and with: Pia Wachter, Daria Paoletta, Mirko Lodedo
Text: Daria Paoletta
Original live music: Mirko Lodedo
Scenography: La Luna nel Pozzo
Light design: Francesco Pace
Genere: Physical and puppet theater with live music
Duration: 50 minutes
Age suggested: from 6 y.o. and up
Venue: stage or dark room
Language: italiano, or to be agreed

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