This year’s events will stretch the limits of your theatrical experience.
We bring the skills of our gallant young volunteers to the surrounding communities with our MOONFISH PARADE, while our IMPRO-BAR offers nutrition not just to your stomach, but to your imagination.

Our longstanding work with the differently-abled actors of the Gabbiano takes center stage on the CLOWN DOWN evenings. And if you’re in the mood for impro-comedy, come have an evening with the Guida Galattica Clowns!

Not just comedy, but experiential mystery guides us, as the vocal artists of CANTO DELLA TERRA carry us through inner space.

This year we expand our ARTISTIC RESIDENCES: the opportunity for a visiting artist to practice in a natural, supportive environment, so that the audience can share, not just the product, but the ARTISTIC PROCESS as well. We are understandably proud of this unique aspect of our presence here.

The residences this year include the creation of a KIDS’ VILLAGE in the woods, an ALIEN CLOWN INVASION, a SINGING THE ELEMENTS OF NATURE workshop for adults, of course our annual CHILDRENS’ THEATER WORKSHOP, as well an artist who sculpts stone as performance.

The special events awaiting you this year at la Luna beggar description