(Italiano) La Principessa della Luna e il Regno di Ghiaccio @ Teatro Paolo Grassi
Mar 14 @ 20:00 – 22:00

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Regia di Robert McNeer e Pia Wachter
Assistenza alla regia Nina Raffl
Disegno e Luci di Tea Primiterra
Compagnia inclusiva “Teatrabili”  La Luna nel Pozzo e il Gabbiano

Una principessa rinchiusa da suo padre nel Castello di Ghiaccio,

un principe soffocato dalla Comodità nel regno di sua madre,

uno Specchio magico nell’alto del cielo, un viaggio avventuroso in fondo al mare …

Lo spettacolo racconta in modo poetico e divertente il viaggio di due giovani alla scoperta del mondo, all’incontro con l’amore e verso la propria indipendenza.


Moonfest – TDT2018 @ la luna nel pozzo
Jul 28 @ 19:30 – Jul 29 @ 06:00

For more than 10 years, a rich mix of families, tourists, theater fans young and old, farmers and intellectuals has been meeting yearly at La Luna nel Pozzo for a unique blend of theater, music and food.

The setting for this summer festival is one of rare natural beauty, augmented by the lighting designer’s art. The evening begins with a musical aperitif: while the children play under the trees or play football on the lawn, the adults relax in the fresh evening air, enjoying the sunset or the moonrise.

Then everyone heads for the amphitheater, where young and old can enjoy high-quality theater from Italy and abroad.

Afterwards we return to sit under the trees, where it’s fun to converse with the evening’s artists.

FdI- SUPERMAN & ME with Robert McNeer – Original English version!
Nov 24 @ 20:30 – Nov 25 @ 00:00
FdI- SUPERMAN & ME with Robert McNeer - Original English version!

SUPERMAN & ME with Robert McNeer Original English version!

‘The past is a foreign country. They do things differently there.’
Tonight we travel to the streamlined, chrome-covered America of 1963, where Bobby is ready to take flight. The only problem is, nobody is cooperating. Sit back, enjoy a hamburger and golden delicious french fries, as Bobby struggles to make his superpowers visible…

American 60s in the air
at the table with Italian style hamburgher and French fries and more!

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