Heroes up in smoke

We all want to be important, appreciated, loved.
We all want to be seen as heroes.
But how do you be a hero?

In this show, we meet two defunct heroes, odd figures who find themselves occupying the same tomb, living and reliving an eternal comedy of melancholy misunderstandings and enthusiastic errors: two clowns, telling a story of vulnerability, a little confused, and very funny, in spite of their serious intentions. He is an errant knight… more errant, than knight. She is prepared to play all the other roles: princess, bard, druid… anything to find the love of a real hero.

They are try to copy all the archetypes of the romantic ballad, all the figures of medieval litterature, because they hope to find the recipe for happiness, just as adolescents search frantically for role models. But at a certain point they realize that this recipe doesn’t work, that it’s all smoke and no fire.That’s when they find themselves with no roles left to model, and they find a real mystery. They find themselves…

This is a show for human beings from 8 years on!

Type:  Physical theater
Length: 1 hour
Theme: Eros e Thanatos (Love, Death, and Everything in Between)
Produced by:  La Luna nel Pozzo
Director: Robert McNeer
Actors: Annalisa Legato, Mirco Trevisan
Lighting and photography: Tea Primiterra
Text, scene design, costumes: Annalisa Legato,  Robert Mc Neer,  Mirco Trevisan