… a big country for little viewers

The “American uncle” is part of the Italian bestiary, America dominates the world news, the whole world uses American cyber speak, but what is this America? How to conjugate this America, what does it eat, and can it come out to play?

What image of America might a young Italian have, today? How might an adult convey his American childhood to Italian children?

The work started with these questions. At the beginning, the only sure thing was the title, which I borrowed from an Italian actor. When I was very young, I didn’t define myself as American, but if I think of my childhood, I recognize that it was very colored by my country of origin.

Cowboys never interested me. I was lucky to grow up during the “space race,” in which the real heroes, the astronauts, took off every week to discover what was behind the stars.i acn no longer remember if i got from them the idea that i could fly, or if they copied the idea from me; at any rate, i lived in a time and place in which everything seemed possible. the fairies, tha astronauts amd Superman where in agreement on this point.

And this dream, that you’ll reach even the moon, if you throw yourself into it with enough joy, this is the America which I like to share with the children. I share it with them from the top of a tall platform. I don’t really fly, but don’t tell the kids.

For spectators from 6 years up (Note: Wozamerica is also available in a slightly shorter version, for 3 to 5 year-olds)

Genre:  Acrobatic monologue
Durata:  50 minuti
Produced by:  La Luna nel Pozzo
By and with:  Robert McNeer

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