Intercultural Clown

5-day workshop
Led by Robert McNeer with a co-conductor
Co-conductors: Mirco Trevisan, Rodrigo Morganti, Ewan Mackinnon, Paul MacDonald, Catherine Bryden

The Intercultural Clown is an introduction to the theatrical clown for who doesn’t know it, a return for those who know and love it.

Through this form it is possible to touch the interior qualities of spontaneity and play: in the clown’s world, weaknesses become strengths, errors become opportunities; that which our society tends to marginalize becomes the taproot of new growth and playful poetry.

The ingredient which makes this workshop particularly enjoyable is the mixed nature of the group, part Italian and part international, a mini-community of  varied cultures, ages and walks of life. Communication in this group is an often comical undertaking which brings the clown to the fore.

The clown enjoys a different point of view, allowing an easy opening towards other ways of thinking and living.

And all this in a place of great natural beauty and robust human warmth.

At the end of the workshop, the participants enjoy one or more days of touring, to discover Puglia’s wealth of cultural, natural and culinary wonders.  [ >> ]

This workshop is open to all, with or without previous clown experience.

Robert McNeer

Mirco Trevisan

Rodrigo Morganti

Paul MacDonald, clown and painter, is a mentor to workshop leaders, social clowns and improvisational fools. He trained with Nose to Nose in 1998 and went on to teach clowning to actors, teachers, doctors and caregivers, specializing in workshops and performances for adults with special needs.
He is active in England, as also in North America, in Italy and in Poland. He also founded, directed and performed with the Fool Effect (UK)

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