Clown work

"Laughter is the shortest distance between two people." Victor Borges

We start from the understanding that laughing together is good for the health, opening the heart and strengthening the sense of community.

Anything which so improves the quality of life with no collateral effects deserves to be taken more seriously!

In the clown work, one’s weaknesses become strengths, one’s errors become points of departure: that which is normally emarginized in an increasingly speed-obsessed and perfectionist society is transformed into poetry.

This clown wears a red nose and often dresses in an eccentric manner, but needn’t know how to juggle, tumble or perform gags.

Finding one’s inner clown is a voyage to authenticity, to spontaneity, to simplicity, to humor and to joy. It is the discovery of one’s own vulnerability, without the need to hide, discovering there one’s own force, finding a new kind of self-esteem.

We work with play, with theater games and improvisation, with the empty stage; we work with emotions and with our own intuitive sense, to explore creatively the encounter with oneself and with the other.

Intercultural Clown 30 April- 5 May 2019
Clown&relax 1-6 June 2019
Intercultural Clown 18-23 September 2019

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