We have always desired that The Moon in the Well should be a center of research and experiment. With its spaces for artistic creation and hospitality, The Moon in the Well is an ideal place in which to host:

COMPANIES in need of a place to retreat and rehearse;

GROUPS in need of a venue for workshops and residential workshops in an environment which facilitates concentrated, harmonious work;


Today the original nineteenth-century architecture of The Moon in the Well is enhanced by

Work Spaces

  • an indoor rehearsal studio, 100 square m, heated, with parquet flooring
  • a stone amphitheater of antique Greek design, with a 12 m diameter stage, excellent acoustics and seating for 250 spectators, equipped for electric lighting (380v) and sound, without losing its traditional aspect.
  • an outdoor, shaded wooden dance stage, 150 square m
  • a Cretan labyrinth of traditional stonework (20 m diameter), for meditation, discussion, writing, inspiration…
  • a tool shop, for building theatrical sets, etcetera


  • 8 bedrooms for accommodating about 22 people
  • kitchen, with or without cook
  • dining room
  • special needs bathrooms

Leisure and recreation, meditation, observation, inspiration

  • Cretan labyrinth
  • “Trulli” (traditional conical drystone constructions)
  • 6 hectares of olive groves
  • ancient stone threshing floor
  • forest groves
  • lilly pond
  • sculptures in stone and wood


The Puglian kitchen is famous for its wholesome ingredients, both from the sea and from the earth, simple and flavorful. At The Moon in the Well you will have the opportunity to sample the dishes of the Puglian tradition, dishes of Mediterranean delight. You will find the colors of the season’s fruits and vegetables, the knowledge of the pastors in the justly-renowned cheeses, the freshness of the sea in the local fish dishes.


The mild climate permits outdoor work from March until November.

In summer, the breezes, ranging from northwest through north, northeast and east have a pleasant cooling effect, and the night hours are sometimes dedicated to simply admiring the marvelous, star-filled heavens.


The Moon in the Well is 15 minutes from the sea, 5 minutes from Ostuni, the white city, 15 minutes from Cisternino and the trulli of the beautiful Itrian Valley.


Over the years we have hosted many theatrical companies, as well as musicians and dancers, biodance, yoga, natural cooking courses, contact improvisation, Feldenkrais, meditation, Butoh, singing and clown work.


Some of the companies who have created productions here:

Teatro Crest with “StoriEgiganti”, Teatri Senza Tetto with “Solstuni” and “Mare Dentro”, La Luna nel Letto with “Sleeping Beauty” and “Oz in Wonderland”, Armamaxa with “Braccianti” and “Mamaliturchi”, Theater Mummpitz (Germany) with “Die Grosse Erzählung”, Aline Nari with “Sirene”, Opopò Clown Teatro with “Green Eggs!”, Ueli Bichsel (Switzerland) with “Fool 7”, Nose to Nose (UK) with “Clown Devising”, Gli Orrecchiabili Company with “Il Nuvolo di Aiscè”

Some of the teachers who have led workshops here:

César Brie, Julie Stanzak, Atzushi, Tapa Sudana, Germana Giannini, Imke McMurtrie, Vivian Gladwell, Maia Cornacchia, Kirstie Simson, Claude Coldy, Chris Seeley, Paul MacDonald

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