I Saw You

After many years spent at his telescope looking at the stars, a man discovers that he is not only observer, but also observed. So begins a paranoi-comical tale…
This anonymous man lives in a crowded corner the size of a telephone booth. From here, studying the stars, he sees himself. He doesn’t like what he sees, so he decides to present himself differently to the eyes of the universe.
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Inside his claustrophobic cabin he has all the instruments he needs to create a radiophonic “selfie.” Hero of his own existential drama, he also must play director, and even technician and stage hand. The point of this complicated production is to show his audience that he is more, and better, than he appears to be.

He makes us laugh and cry in his desperate attempt to present himself in a more sympathetic light, as even the props and set seem to turn against him. Unfortunately, the more he tries to control the story, the worse it gets: he transforms from hopeful hero to hopeless clown– Hamlet with his pants down.

Through his existential dilemma we enjoy a tiny epic tale, inside a real cabinet of wonders, in which we can explore our need, and our fear, of being seen.

  • La Luna nel Pozzo production
  • 55 minutes long
  • by and with Robert McNeer
  • direction and set design Michelangelo Campanale
  • dramaturgical consultancy Katia Scarimbolo