How our calendar has been modified

How our calendar has been modified

Alla Luna cerchiamo di ascoltare la Natura e i cambiamenti anche nel nostro calendario. (se vuoi saperne di più leggi qui).
At la Luna, we’re trying to listen to nature and to changes, even for our events planning. (read here if you want to know more)

Due to coronavirus situazion all over the World, we will be modifying our calendar as follows:

Spring intercultural Clown Workshop:
scheduled from 26 April to 1 May will be CANCELLED. Next workshop will be in Autumn from 20 to 25 September.

Master Clown:
first week, scheduled for May, has been MOVED to 31 October – 6 November.

Clown and Relax:
scheduled for June, it is confirmed at the moment. Follow us to be updated in the forst week of May.


We intend to respect our scheduled FAMILY OUTING dates (And we will all need them, after so much time cooped up in the house!)

Spring Bread: with Rossana Farinati, is programmed for Sunday May 24.

Spring Playtime: with the Luna squad, will be Sunday June 7.