Clown Intercultural 30 April- 5 May

Clown Intercultural 30 April- 5 May

Residential Workshop

from  30 April – 5 May2019

led by Robert McNeer & Rodrigo Morganti

the workshop will begin on April 30 at 16 pm and end on May  5 at 14 pm

Send in the clowns! Continuing our long-standing love affair with the red nose, we offer the INTERCULTURAL CLOWN WORKSHOPS, where clowns with and without experience from all over the world meet and meet again, to play, to dance, to laugh and cry and sing and eat improbable amounts of Italian food under the olive trees of La Luna nel Pozzo.

No gags, no juggling, no slapstick, but a chance to relive the innocence of the child, to find the place where the world is new, and the ordinary is miraculous. A gently-guided rhythm of improvisation and reflection helps you to rediscover your sense of spontaneity, of play, of silly fun and deep, gentle communion with other earthlings.

This workshop is open to all, with or without previous clown experience.
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What is Clowning?

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