Our winter theater festival is coming!

Our winter theater festival is coming!


Our theatrical season “WINTER FIRE” is back!  La Luna nel Pozzo offers five extraordinary encounters in the intimate ambience of chamber theater, stories and monologues, ethnic cuisine, exotic drinks, world music, universal emotions and Yiddish jokes.

It’s about us: we strangers.


After they had put aside their need for meat and drink, the King turned to the man and said: – who are you, stranger, and where from? –

The voyage is finished, the circle closes. Of his errant ways, only the story remains. Odysseus narrates.


All cocktails from 8.30 pm, all shows at 9 pm

show + dinner 20€
only show 10€
dinner show single price 15 € (RISTORANTE ITALIA e ΠΟΔΗΛΑΤΟ MON AMOUR)
Sunday for families: adults 15 € and children 10 €
dinner reservation requested tel 0831330353 / 3358037241 (also whatsapp)


here are the appointments


sat 24 november 2018 
with Robert McNeer  
Tonight we travel to the streamlined, chrome-covered America of 1963, where Bobby is ready to take flight. The only problem is: nobody is cooperating. Sit back, enjoy a hamburger and golden delicious french fries, as Bobby struggles to make his superpowers visible…
cocktail: l’Americano / Old Milwaukee Beer  
music: ambient American ‘60s pop
dinner: family dining, italian style Hamburger, French fries and so much more!


sat 15 december 2018 – edible theater*
with Alessandro Lucci
Did Dante have an aspirated ‘C’? Is our nation Pisces? Does the national anthem actually go papapam? These and other vital questions will help us understand Italy. We will voyage through the  secrets of a nation, hiding in the popular songs of its first 150 years.
cocktail: ‘Montpulciano’ wine, degustation of Abruzzean olive oil
music: Italian live
dinner: typical Italian served during the show*


sat 19 january 2019 – edible theater*
with Pia Wachter and Robert McNeer
Pia and Robert explore on their bikes (ΠΟΔΗΛΑΤΟ) the South of 40 years ago, from Paestum to Knossos. A theft in Naples, a torrent in Crete, a silent old woman in black proffers a plate of almonds and rakí… an antique offering. In this show we see the Mediterranean through the blue eyes of Nordic strangers from over the Alps, from beyond the great sea….
cocktail: almonds and rakì
music: live ‘70s
dinner: mixed Mediterranean *served during the show


sat 2 february 2019
with Roberto Anglisani
A tragicomic tale of 100 years ago. An insignificant man, a village so  tiny it appears on no map. A story as long as life, seen through the mild and serene gaze of a mysterious narrator, in which we laugh and cry, die and are born again.
cocktail: Manischewitz wine and Matzah
music: ambient Klezmer
dinner: table seating with Hebrew Italian cuisine and Yiddish jokes


sat 23 february 2019
with Raffaella Giancipoli
We follow the story of the teacher Luminita who in Italy becomes a day nurse against her will, of her husband in Rumania taking care of their children, of her elderly charge resenting her presence, and especially of Culin, orphan with a living mother, raised on the telephone between goodnight prayers and promises of return.
cocktail: beer salumi Rumanian pickles
music: ambient balcanic
dinner: table seating with typical eastern European dishes