Sometimes it’s time to start anew. That’s what moved us in programming our 2019 summer festival, just completed.

“ZERO KILOMETER THEATER”: we presented some of our winter productions, including 2 dinner theater shows and some autobiographical work— this year we decided to step onstage as never before.

We also created some new events, exploring the interplay between THEATER AND NATURE: a poetical blind dinner saw the audience— blindfolded— being guided through the night, tasting poetry and music as well as food. A wonderful, transforming experience, to be repeated!

A new fest, this year: the BLACKMOONFEST, especially dedicated to the ears and the “felt sense” of space— again, we are exploring the theatrical experiences which can happen only here, at la Luna.

Still bringing quality theater from other companies, but this year with an emphasis on RESIDENCIES: Kuziba Theater, Canto della Terra, and Guida Galattica del Clown as well as Giorgio Degasperi, Simona Gambero with Danila ? all spent at least a week with us, creating new material, working with children and adults, enjoying a richer artistic dialogue with the audience then one finds elsewhere.

Our ongoing work with the DIFFERENTLY-ABLED has taken front seat, with two inclusive open-door workshops, in which our audience (and especially the children) could clown, dance and laugh with the CLOWN DOWN ensemble.

NOT JUST THEATER: this year we were honored to host the sculptor Stefano Faccini, who created a sculpture in real time, which now enriches our collection. The children enjoyed some days to create a real village in our new SENSORY PARK, with their own organization and monetary system! We were able to offer workshops in singing, and in Feldenkrais body awareness.

We’re stretching our wings, after 20 years still defining who we are and whom we aspire to become. Critical this year our “staff” of VOLUNTEERS, expanded and enriched with some international presences, which brought a new maturity and depth to our discussions.

Helping us to create together a glorious ending to the season: the most harmonious and joyous FULLMOONFEST, a not-to-be-missed event in our yearly calendar (Mark yours for next year: 1 August, 2020).

TIME HALTS FOR NO MAN (or woman either, for that matter): this year’s festival has already inspired me for the work next year, in which the children, the clowns and the differently-abled help us to discover the shape of a new ECO-THEATER.

But one thing at a time. For now, thanks to the Artists, the Volunteers and the many Supporters who sustained this year’s festival from near and far. And thanks to all of you who decided to come visit. Next time, bring a friend. Or two!

And click here for some wonderful festival films created by Judit Stott, our new volunteer from Germany!