FdI – L’ESTRANEA DI CASA con Raffaella Giancipoli
Feb 23 @ 20:30 – Feb 24 @ 00:00
FdI - L'ESTRANEA DI CASA con Raffaella Giancipoli

We follow the story of the teacher Luminita who in Italy becomes a day nurse against her will, of her husband in Rumania taking care of their children, of her elderly charge resenting her presence, and especially of Culin, orphan with a living mother, raised on the telephone between goodnight prayers and promises of return.

sat 23 february 2019
with Raffaella Giancipoli

cocktail: beer salumi Rumanian pickles
music: ambient balcanic
dinner: table seating with typical eastern European dishes

WELL & CLOWNNESS – 2019 @ Agriturismo La Luna nel Pozzo
Jun 1 @ 10:00 – Jun 6 @ 20:00

Residential Workshop

led by Robert McNeer & Natalie Speake

The workshop will begin on june 1th at 10 Am and end on june 6th at 20pm

New! Lunar Clowning in the Well! For those who don’t want the clown-work to interfere too much with their discipline of tanning and sea-side restaurants, who would like to explore the “um…” in the “Ohm,” we offer an all-new hybrid, WELL AND CLOWNNESS! We tone our psychophysical well-being in a six-day regime of clown improvisation, gentle yoga and dance, andearly summer beach fun, together with local sightseeing and dining out. This is an anti-stress, full-breath immersion in fun, play, and fish.

This workshop is open to all, with or without previous clown experience.
To know special offers 
early bird andspecial christmasinfo&inscriptions

Link to video clown interculturale
Link to laughter in the well

Laughter in the Well

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