Here we are, at the end of the year, as the Julian calendar has it. This is the time of Janus, the god with two heads, one looking forward, one looking back. The original multi-tasker…

We’ve certainly had a year of powerful beginnings and ends. Last night it snowed in Ostuni, which is very unusual. By the law of contraries, this brings summer to mind.

We had an amazing group of young volunteers at our summer theater festival. We are privileged to have some of the very best of the new generation as collaborators: over the years these 14 to 20-something year-olds have evolved into a creative, disciplined, generous team of multi-faceted artists, and for now la Luna nel Pozzo can offer them an artistic platform for their talents, as they offer their talents to la Luna.

The day after our summer Moonfest, I lost my father, who died peacefully in his sleep at 92. He and my mother financed the amphitheater which is the heart of our summer activities, and now their ashes are under an oak and a linden tree offering shade to the audience there. Rest In Peace, we gratefully carry on. The night before he went, I had dedicated my new film, “I saw you”, to him. It seemed he was watching.

In October we returned to the amazing mixed-needs community near Stuttgart, Eins und Alles, to create our second international mixed-needs theater piece, “Pax Profanum,” which opened (and closed, for now) at their autumn “Kunstsinnfestival.” I will write soon in depth on that remarkable event, for now, just to register the inspiring collaboration with Natascia Fogu and Alessandro Lucci.

These two have become crucial collaborators in our project, inspiring us to many new projects, including an educational organic garden and a biotope, new animals (adding donkeys to our chicken, dog and human residents), and new building projects to make a visit here more comfortable and unique (we’re currently talking treehouses and a sauna).

In the upcoming year, we will inaugurate a new clown workshop, Well & Clownness with Natalie Speake. We will also launch the 2-year Master Clown course, with Mirco Trevisan (following in the path forged with Paul MacDonald a few years ago), scheduled to take off in May 2020.

At the moment we are in full swing with our winter festival, Errare Circolare. Again, it was our new collaborators who helped us realize that we at la Luna— one Swiss, one American, one Senegalese, one Sardinian, one Argentinean, one Abruzzen and just one lonely Puglian— are perfectly placed to address the unique dance born when different cultures meet. As the international news on immigration gets more absurdly terrifying, this is our peace offering.

Pia and I are writing a new play for the festival, “Pothilato Mon Amour,” about the birth of our relationship, on bicycles in Italy, almost 40 years ago. One night in that trip, Pia said to me,”I don’t care if we have nothing. I just want to know where it is.”
Forty years on, we have much more than nothing. And we’re even beginning to discover where some of it is.

For me, revisiting our origins has been to fall in love with Pia all over again. Some things change, some things don’t.

In these uncertain times, and this special season, all of us want to wish all of you the strength to change what you can, the patience to accept that which you can’t, and the wisdom to know the difference.