NEW: WELL & CLOWNNESS: 1-6 June 2019

NEW: WELL & CLOWNNESS: 1-6 June 2019

Residential Workshop

led by Robert McNeer & Natalie Speake

The workshop will begin on june 1th at 10 Am and end on june 6th at 20pm

New! Lunar Clowning in the Well! For those who don’t want the clown-work to interfere too much with their discipline of tanning and sea-side restaurants, who would like to explore the “um…” in the “Ohm,” we offer an all-new hybrid, WELL AND CLOWNNESS! We tone our psychophysical well-being in a six-day regime of clown improvisation, gentle yoga and dance, and early summer beach fun, together with local sightseeing and dining out. This is an anti-stress, full-breath immersion in fun, play, and fish.

This workshop is open to all, with or without previous clown experience.
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