TDT2018: Le Guarattelle di Pulcinella

Theatrical show tout public

Pulcinella-puppet sinks its origins in the beginnings of this ancient theatrical art.
With several names it is present in many geographical areas and cultures, in some of these, it is thanks to the Italian puppeteers who export it.

Use the pivetta (an instrument that is placed on the palate of the puppeteer), of sure and very ancient oriental origin.
Interprets short and animated rhythmic scenes with an antagonist; the dialogues, the movements and the games of words, are full of misunderstandings and absurd statements, components, these, which make the show surreal and poetic.

The puppets, cleverly carved in the wood, have a dimension that allows refined and agile movements, simple, their feelings: for this they are universally and immediately understandable in every parallel, regardless of the names, cultures and local traditions.

The puppets of the guarattelle bring with them “a comedy that explodes the carnival and the body in a disruptive way”
(Ugo Vuoso)

Luca Ronga is considered one of the most interesting interpreters of Pulcinella, he has won national and international prizes and awards,
participating in numerous festivals in Israel, Iran, Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland

“Teatri di Terra” is a theater season for the whole family.

For more than 10 years, a rich mix of families, tourists, theater fans young and old, farmers and intellectuals has been meeting yearly at La Luna nel Pozzo for a unique blend of theater, music and food.

The setting for this summer festival is one of rare natural beauty, augmented by the lighting designer’s art. The evening begins with a musical aperitif: while the children play under the trees or play football on the lawn, the adults relax in the fresh evening air, enjoying the sunset or the moonrise.

Then everyone heads for the amphitheater, where young and old can enjoy high-quality theater from Italy and abroad.

Afterwards we return to sit under the trees, where it’s fun to converse with the evening’s artists.