Intercultural Clown – Residential Workshop

22/09/2018 @ 10:00 – 26/09/2018 @ 20:00
la luna nel pozzo
Contrada Foragno
72017 Ostuni BR
Intercultural Clown - Residential Workshop @ la luna nel pozzo | Ostuni | Puglia | Italia
Led by Robert McNeer & Mirco Trevisan

The clown’s nose, “the smallest mask in the world,” is the mask which unmasks. Through the clown, we can discover our inner qualities of openness, spontaneity, and play. The clown helps us fly with our imagination, while holding our feet firmly on the earth. This work regards the theatrical, not the circus clown, and gives great attention to the internal process, helping us towards deep and gentle human communication. This clown has nothing to do with juggling, acrobatics, or comical gags, and is simply a door to our human innocence, happy to play with whatever emerges. We will work with play, with improvisation, and with the empty stage, to find the clown within. That which makes this particular workshop so special and joyous is the mixture of participants, part Italian and part non-Italian, a mixture of cultures, ages and life stories. Communicating with each and all often becomes a desperately comical enterprise, bringing out the clown in each of us. And all this in a natural setting, warm and protected. With Italian food.

This workshop is open to all, with or without previous clown experience.